Design and Innovation at LiGHT FiSH

At LiGHT-FiSH we understand what it takes to create new products and customize them according to our clients’ needs. All stages of development and prototyping processes are done end to end at our state of the art production facility, where prototypes are tested, manufactured using our Lathe, CNC, Laser machine or 3D printer and brought to their final look and finish. Our clientele includes hotels, bars, perfumeries, jewellers, private institutions, music festivals, artists, homes and many more. Our products range from delicate jewellery to massive metal sculptures –

  • Tusky

  • Shadow Lights

  • Sculptures

  • Lights for Rasta Cafe

  • Test Tube Chandelier

  • Wood and Resin Stand

  • Water Filter

  • Branch Lights

  • Coffee Maker

  • Air Purifier

  • Woodwork for Marc's Cafe

  • Jellyfish Lights

  • Perfume Bottles

  • For the kitchen

  • Wood Maps