Geek Table

Table Lamp

The design and structure of Geek Table are minimalistic, stable and durable. Geek Small, Medium or Large can be used in any setting. The characteristic of Geek Table is its light support, a full wood-body base with a 3D printed adjustable joint that allows the light source to rotate in all directions.

Each light source with hi-powered LEDs (1, 3 or 6W) can be mounted on any support (small, medium or large) to create the lamp you need.

Materials: Acacia Wood, Aluminium, ABS
Cable Length: 1.5 meters m

from the The Acacia Collection:

A series of ceiling, wall and hanging task lamps, produced from wood grown in Auroville. The Acacia hardwood is harvested only from dead, fallen trees. Long lasting and of high quality, these lamps are a veritable product of Auroville, and create a very personal, warm and intimate atmosphere.

has 15 variants:

TitleRef No.MaterialsPriceShop URL
Geek Small 1WGETA-SM-1Wood, Aluminum, ABS4245Buy
Geek Medium 1WGETA-MD-1Wood, Aluminum, ABS4917Buy
Geek Large 1WGETA-LG-1Wood, Aluminum, ABS5365Buy
Geek Small 3WGETA-SM-3Wood, Aluminum5029Buy
Geek Small Alu 3WGETA-SM-AL-3Wood, Aluminum5365Buy
Geek Medium 3WGETA-MD-3Wood, Aluminum5813Buy
Geek Medium Alu 3WGETA-MD-AL-3Wood, Aluminum6149Buy
Geek Large 3WGETA-LG-3Wood, Aluminum6261Buy
Geek Large Alu 3WGETA-LG-AL-3Wood, Aluminum6597Buy
Geek Small 6WGETA-SM-6Wood, Aluminum5925Buy
Geek Small Alu 6WGETA-SM-AL-6Wood, Aluminum6261Buy
Geek Medium 6WGETA-MD-6Wood, Aluminum6709Buy
Geek Medium Alu 6WGETA-MD-AL-6Wood, Aluminum6149Buy
Geek Large 6WGETA-LG-6Wood, Aluminum7157Buy
Geek Large Alu 6WGETA-LG-AL-6Wood, Aluminum7493Buy

offers 2 LED color temperature options: