Grappa Collection

Hanging Lights

Made with up-cycled wine bottles and hi-powered LEDs, Grappa is an energy efficient, original, young and joyful hanging lamp.

Materials: Acacia Wood, Aluminium, ABS
Cable Length: 1.5 meters m

from the Grappa Collection:

The Grappa Collection offers sparkling, colorful, subdued and elegant solo or cluster lightings. The colour palette allows one to create very personal chandeliers.

has 18 variants:

TitleRef No.MaterialsPriceShop URL
Grappa Blue 1WGRHA-BLU-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Deep Blue 1WGRHA-DBL-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Brown 1WGRHA-BRW-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Green 1WGRHA-GRN-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Olive 1WGRHA-OLV-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Orange 1WGRHA-ORG-3Glass2901Buy
Grappa Red 1WGRHA-RED-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa White 1WGRHA-WHT-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Yellow 1WGRHA-YLW-1Glass2901Buy
Grappa Blue 3WGRHA-BLU-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Deep Blue 3WGRHA-DBL-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Brown 3WGRHA-BRW-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Green 3WGRHA-GRN-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Olive 3WGRHA-OLV-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Orange 3WGRHA-ORG-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Red 3WGRHA-RED-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa White 3WGRHA-WHT-3Glass3349Buy
Grappa Yellow 3WGRHA-YLW-3Glass3349Buy

offers 9 color options:

offers 2 LED color temperature options: